Thursday, June 7, 2012

A New Ebook Series from the creator of Laughter Wax!

I haven't neglected the blog, I've been working on my new line of ebooks about the great comedians: The Legendary Laughter Series. The first volume focuses on early television's comic mastermind, Ernie Kovacs, and is already available on Amazon, downloadable to your computer, iPad, Kindle, or where ever you can click a link. At just 99¢, it's the best single buck purchase a comedy fan could make. "ERNIE'S JOURNEYS: A Sometimes Waxing, Sometimes Critical, Musing Appreciation of Ernie Kovacs" contains the three blog essays from Laughter Wax pertaining to Ernie, plus three other chapters not available here – A foreword commentary, a comparative look at Ernie and Lenny Bruce, plus the first act of an hilarious unfinished stageplay about Uncle Ern, originally called "Journeys With Ernie." Check it out here! Volume 2 is also now available, entitled "WHEN SILENCE WAS GOLDEN: Pre-talkie Comedy Beyond Charlie Chaplin." It focuses on the superstars of the silent era who made the world laugh while struggling in the shadow of The Little Tramp. It too contains both material from Laughter Wax, and some all-new chapters never before seen. I hope you'll check it out too! It's another 99¢ gem. Lots of classic comedy for your e-reader, and we still haven't spent a $5 bill. Here it is, for your browsing pleasure! Click here. I hope that if you've enjoyed Laughter Wax in the past, you won't be put off by the slight pause in activity here (there's more on the way) but you'll come along too, with me as I take it to a new level – with The Legendary Laughter Series, which will recollect the Laughter Wax pieces and pair them with exclusive new content. It won't break you. Bring along your whoopie cushion and enjoy the ride!

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